Heal from pain and discover strength, control, and power unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!



Fully certified, experienced, and enthusiastic team of instructors.


Highest quality Balanced Body equipment.


A supportive and welcoming community.

Contact us for a FREE consultation!

Contact us for a FREE consultation!



Pain doesn’t miraculously disappear. Chronic pain tends to worsen over time if left unaddressed.

We know you want to move into your retirement years feeling full of energy and vitality!

We simply don’t think it’s fair to have you miss out on your favorite sports and activities!

Ongoing feelings of physical weakness can contribute to feelings of frustration, a lack of self-confidence, and ultimately a lack of joy.

We change lives one studio member at a time.

The proof is in the pudding! See what our clients are saying about the benefits they have obtained from our training programs.

"Improving by mobility, strength and posture are my goals. With Vero-Pilates I can reach those goals. While doing household tasks, gardening, walking or sitting I think of the cues I have been given and correct my stance."


– Kathryn Latham, Client who started with virtual training during COVID


"I LOVE Vero!!! I started in 2014, to get my body right for my wedding. Little did I know this would become a lifelong commitment. I have stayed through two pregnancies and never once felt like I couldn’t accomplish Pilates. The small boutique environment is one of my favorites as I’m not just another body but an actual person at Vero. Thank you Veronica and staff."


– Ashley Mullen, Client since 2014

Vero Pilates is truly a fantastic studio! Whether in a group class or individual session, the highly trained instructors challenge each client at his/her own level. In addition to the great workout quality, the instructors and clients are a community…many of us even choose to spend time together outside of the studio 🙂 Finally, the manner in which the studio is run shows that the owner sincerely cares for the instructors and clients. I’m lucky to be a part of Vero Pilates!


– Beth Bucko, Client since 2013

The Story Behind Our Studio

Meet Veronica Colwell, the owner of the Vero Pilates Studio. Veronica discovered Pilates back in 2006 as she struggled to overcome lower back pain. She fell in love with Pilates from her first session and never looked back! Two years later she changed careers becoming a full time Pilates instructor in her hometown of Madrid, Spain. After moving to LB in 2011 and falling in love with the city and its warm community, Veronica realized that there was room to create a unique space dedicated exclusively to the teaching of the Pilates Method. Over the years Veronica has been joined by an incredible team of experienced and enthusiastic instructors who make clients’ lives better every day. We look forward to welcoming you to our studio, sharing the joy of movement with you, and helping you attain your goals!

From The Blog

Pilates Will Help You Be More Present

Pilates Will Help You Be More Present

We tend to live our daily lives with little awareness of what our bodies are doing. We often find ourselves breathless and feeling “scatter brained” because we’re trying to take too much in at once as well as process too much information at once. The constant bombardment of distractions and “noise” makes us lose focus and connection to our outside world, but most importantly to our inner being. When we lose those connections, it becomes a free for all. We often feel out of control, exhausted, and have trouble concentrating. A consistent and meaningful Pilates practice is way of returning home, going inward – reconnecting who we are on the inside, our inner strength and vitality. By experiencing joyful movement from a connected place regularly, we start to find the ability to reconnect with the world around us again from a place of more awareness and patience.

Pilates And Weight Loss

Pilates And Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose weight, Pilates can support you in ways that may seem quite unexpected. For example, as we focus on connecting with our breath and sharpening our ability to concentrate, we learn to slow down and perceive what is happening in our bodies. When those principles are applied to the dinner table, you will notice yourself feeling more capable of slowing down and reflecting consciously on the choices you are making in terms of your nutrition. The same benefits also help us manage our anxiety and stress better which means that we can better regulate the amount of stress hormones being released into our bloodstream at any given time which have been found to be connected to weight gain issues in many cases. A consistent Pilates practice will also help you tone areas of your body that you perhaps want to address.

Reopening Our Studio Doors

Reopening Our Studio Doors

A year ago today we closed the doors to our studio due to the COVID-19 mandates. We have faced hurdle after hurdle this year just trying to stay open and in business. I want to THANK my team. We have pivoted endlessly from week to week. My team has stood right by my side, trusting my leadership, and caring for our studio’s clients with all their professionalism and dedication. I also want to THANK our incredible studio members. Your love for the work we do inspires and motivates us every single day to keep doing the work we love and feel called to do. If this year has taught us anything it’s that community is everything.

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